Bling2o swim goggles Terrain green

By Tiger Fifty 7

Our Terrain Vehicle model sports Bling2o’s exclusive tire shaped frame, tire embossed strap and a camo printed gasket to tie together a real track way look. This model is latex free, also features a sleek mirrored UV protected, anti-fog lens and is available in cameo green colorway. Time to ditch the boring old goggles and liven up your swim with brand new Bling2o..These super cool goggles not only look amazing – they are also genius; anti-fog and the best fit ever. Bling2o is the perfect accessory for the pool and beach this summer for trendy kiddos that want a bit of bling and a splash of colour. The goggles come with different size nose spacers to fit kids 12 mts up to 15 yrs.