Big Potato- The Muddles

By Tiger Fifty 7

  • WELCOME TO THE WONTASTICAL WORLD OF THE MUDDLES! A Family Card Game about collecting two real animals to make a brand new one.
  • CURIOUS CREATURES! Find a pig and a frog and you’ve created a Pog, worth 3 points. Get really lucky and you can turn your bee and jellyfish into a Bellyfish, worth 6 points.
  • COLOURFUL COMBINATIONS! But beware - other players can steal winning combinations. The game ends when the last muddle card has been claimed. Count the points to win.
  • LIMITED EDITION STORY BOOK INSIDE! Pry open the pages to go on a moo-tastic worm-venture with Wow and his Magnificent Birthday Hat!
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY! An educational card game for families and kids who love board games, for 2-4 players, ages 6+