About us

Georgie Simpson and Anna Lockwood are two best friends and mothers that brought their experience, both personal and professional, together to bring something new to Harrogate and the region for that matter. It was this common goal that set them on their journey.

They wanted to not just bring something new, but something fresh, something cool, something a little 'edgy'. With a significant 'malnutrition' of kids fashion, apparel, footwear and accessory shops in the area, they decided to break away from their day to day professions and look to fill a significant gap. 

Tiger Fifty 7, stocks only the hard to find, the unique, the rare and the explored, and has been researched and brought in from countries such as Isreal, Portugal, California USA, France and more. It stocks from small little 'Indy' suppliers working out of homes, right through to the larger names in the children's clothing and accessory market. 

As they rightly believe, every child is different, so why should what they wear, use, read and play with be the same?

If you would like to know more from Georgie and Anna, you can read their main blog, 'Daring to be different' by visiting their blog. 

We hope you enjoy Tiger Fifty 7. 

Thanks, the Tiger Crew x