"Daring to be Different"

"Daring to be Different"

It is common knowledge that for a long time now, high street shopping has been in decline, in most part, as many will agree, due to the rise in popularity of online “convenience” shopping. However there is a missing piece, a factor not often considered, and overlooked - what happened to the ‘feeling’ that going shopping gave you, ‘the shopping experience’?

For too long now, high street footfall numbers have fallen with the only seemingly noticed argument being that ‘the internet’ is to blame. However, Georgie Simpson & Anna Lockwood would argue that high street retailers have neglected the very foundation that high street shopping was founded on - how shopping makes you ‘feel’.

The experience offered by many shops on the high street to date, is little more than woeful, with issues ranging from, uninterested employees, lack of ambience, no ‘try before you buy’ interactive experiences, interesting and educational shop features, friendly environments and an engaging shopping experience for ALL visitors to name but a few.

Online shopping, will not and cannot ever replace the experience of ‘browsing’, with the ability to be inspired! The ability to touch and feel, try and experience and at the same time in a pleasurable environment has been overlooked in this very argument.

Tiger Fifty 7, aims to bring ‘unique’ and ‘inspiring’ back to street shopping, by focusing on what matters when people shop - personal interaction, bringing the unknown and hard to find to local doorsteps, finding items that inspire and bring pleasure to shoppers and browsers.

The first of its kind, opened late January 2019 in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, will feature children's apparel, footwear, accessories and educational toys, gifts and books. Sourcing beautiful items from all over the world in hard to find locations, to bring to a location near you or from our online range.
Anna and Georgie have an eye for the ‘edgy’ and the ‘cool’ and are focused and driven to find only the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘individual’ items that give customers real satisfaction when finding that special something...

Stay with us on this journey and keep checking back for more exciting news.
Love, the Tiger crew ... x