Buy less, choose well, make it last

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Pre-loved clothing from Tiger Fifty 7 | Tiger ThreadsSo here we are, super excited about our new website, something different, unique and edgy and hopefully, a little something to interest everyone.  During these weeks of lockdown, we have had lots of time to think about Tiger Fifty 7, the products we sell and what’s important to us. 

As a children’s clothing retailer, what has been evident since we have been open is the amount of clothing wastage on both a national and international scale. We think its only fitting to introduce a larger life cycle on both brands that we stock and brands that we don’t. Having had repeated enquiries on pre-loved clothing we felt the need to bring it to life. So we put our heads together over zoom with our Prosecco’s and bounced ideas backwards and forwards. We are both advocates of buying pre-loved clothing for ourselves, and our children, so through our experiences, we created Frank Goes Green – Tiger Threads. 

Our aim is to make browsing and buying an easy and enjoyable experience and if we are selling Tiger Threads on your behalf, our focus is to make your sales process effortless and hassle-free. How many bags of outgrown clothing do you have pushed in a wardrobe, loft, or hidden in the garage. If your intent was to book into a car boot sale, well that idea has gone up in flames. How many lovely items do you have where they have been worn literally twice and you just can’t bear to throw them away, but they are sat there just gathering dust. Just to let you know, you are not on your own, even though your hubby thinks you are. 

As Vivienne Westwood once said “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, so make someone else happy and give your Tiger Threads a new lease of life. 


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